Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Limited edition fine art prints are a series of identical prints, limited to one-time printing of a specific number of pieces, the quantity of which is pre-determined. They are a great way of starting out an art collection, or even adding diversity to an existing collection.

Each limited edition print is accompanied by a signed and embossed certificate of authenticity mentioning the edition number of the print.

Each limited edition photograph is only printed a total of 50 times in different sizes, Framed and Un-Framed. The total number 50 is limited to the photograph and not individual variants.

The value of limited edition prints can increase over time. As prints in an edition get sold out, the prices of the remaining prints in the edition may witness a hike.

The Process - C-type printing

So, what are C-type prints? It’s basically the darkroom in the Digital Age – true photographic prints made using chromogenic materials and processes but with the light source coming from a digital file, rather than directly from a negative. 

We use Chroma ProLab and RA4 machines, allowing ultra-fine imaging and optimal colour reproduction across the spectrum.

Archival life: 40 years daylight, 80 years dark

Fuji Matt Paper

The super matt finish makes this paper one of the most popular papers amongst photographers. The paper gives muted blacks with even colour reproduction, and excellent detail.

Unlike Giclée prints, which are essentially high quality inkjet prints, C-types are produced by a chemical process on light sensitive archival photographic papers. So in this sense, a C-type is what you might call a true photographic print, producing a rich traditional feel in the final print. C-type papers are also better suited to mounting applications.